Students From Tamkang University Taiwan Condcted a one-month Internship at UNU Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta – Two students from Tamkang University visited UNU Yogyakarta on Monday (1/7). They would begin their internship program for one month at UNU Yogyakarta to expand their horizons about Nahdlatul Ulama and pesantren. Accompanied by a chaperone, these students were sent by Tamkang University through one of its institutes namely Global Service Institute Program (GSIP). This institute began its overseas service-learning program in 2015. It aims at connecting the students with the international community, expanding their horizons, and reflecting on their arguments.

Several activities were conducted by these students during their program at UNU Yogyakarta from the beginning to the end of July. The Mandarin language and culture class was one of them. The Taiwanese students, later known as Pauline and Claire, not only shared Mandarin culture with UNU Yogyakarta students but also teach Mandarin language and letters to them. Visiting pesantren was the following agenda covered in the program. Three pesantrens visited by these students were PP. Al Imdad Bantul, PP. Assalafiyah Mlangi, and PP. Ali Maksum Krapyak. In order to be acquainted with Islamic education under the authority of Nahdlatul Ulama, these two students also made a visit to Nahdlatul Ulama Elementary School (SD NU). Included also in their next agenda was getting to know about Javanese culture through gamelan visit with students from Elementary School Teacher Education (PGSD) study program of UNU Yogyakarta.

It is hoped that the good cooperation and relationship between UNU Yogyakarta and Tamkang University will last for long and will benefit for both institutions. Through the visit from Tamkang University, UNU Yogyakarta could also build a connection with Rumah Hakka, a community of Hakka-one of Chinese major groups-in Yogyakarta, in terms of providing Mandarin language teaching as a course for UNU Yogyakarta students.